Thursday, March 18, 2010

Knock Knock

Hello, it's been awhile hasn't it?

I am still in Taiwan, but things have been hectic recently, mainly due to life-changing decisions and such. But luckily there are some very smart and curious people at my school (NTU's ICLP) that have asked me whether they could partake in this project. So the translation blog lives... thanks to Teresa and Scott! You will probably notice some stylistic differences, but I think it is very interesting to see how people digest the Chinese language and rehash it in their own way.


  1. Thanks for doing this. I'm Chinese American too, raised in US. My dad mentioned the book to me but didn't know of any English translations. I found your website by chance (or internet search) & I've been enjoying the reading. Really appreciate it! Looks like it's been a while since you last posted - will you continue?

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    2. Dear Lisa,

      I'm not sure why I never saw this comment of yours, so I apologize for the 1-year late response! It seems like publishers are aiming to come out with an English translation, so out of respect for the industry and the author's intellectual property, this blog will just serve as an archive for the first 10 chapters. When they do come out with an English publication, I'll be one of the first one promoting it here! Thank you so much for your interest, I sincerely appreciate your feedback. People like you made this effort feel worthwhile. :)


  2. Hi! Any update on when the English translation will come out ? Thanks, Charles

  3. Thank you for translating as much as you have already! It really is quite the endeavor. Do you know when the English translation of the book in its entirety will be published? Thank you.


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